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Specialized Expertise

We Provide Scalable Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Marketing

With our in-house tools and advanced technical skills, we manage all Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities for our clients.

Social Media Marketing

With the powerful targeting platforms and tools that social media provides, we drive our client's message to precisely the right audience at exactly the right time.

Analytics & Optimization

Every element in a campaign must have a value attributed to it so it can be measured and improved. We excel in this area, ensuring that no detail is missed.

Risk Management

Risk is inherent to every business, but how that risk is managed is critical to long term success. Our ongoing quantitative analysis helps our clients to effectively manage their risk as they continue to grow.

Our Specialities Include:

  • Ad Copy, Design & Testing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Customer Lifecycle & Attribution Tracking
  • Advanced Database Analysis
  • Affiliate Management & Fraud Detection
  • Performance Auditing & Traffic Fraud Detection
  • Providing Unique & Customized Solutions at Scale
  • Merchant Services Introductions/Risk Management

Ad Copy, Design & Testing

Ad copy, design & testing are vital elements to every campaign. Audience impression is the first step in the funnel for any prospective student, and we know that first impressions last. Google, Facebook & Bing reward advertisers with increased coverage and cheaper clicks when their ad produces a higher than average Click Through Rate. However, ads that attract unqualified clicks become a costly loss to the advertiser and a distraction to the visitor. We track and test all ads to determine those that are most effective in driving the intended action for our clients while finding the perfect balance in click through rate, coverage, and ad cost.

Conversion Optimization

The slightest change in any page element can have a significant impact on the user experience and their intended actions. Landing pages, forms, images, links, as well as other critical steps in the funnel should always be tested and adjusted. We rely on our years of experience (running thousands of split tests over tens of millions of visitors in our own web properties) to guide our decisions in which elements to test when for maximum impact and improvement over time for our clients.

Life Cycle Tracking & Analysis

Understanding how a person interacts with our client or their products is paramount. Drawing conclusions from our data in the past affects our marketing decisions in the present. We analyze years of historical data to find exactly where people learn about our client or their products, how they interact with the client or product, and what affects their choices and decisions. We take into account many different factors, finding where statistically significant conclusions can be drawn so we can make current campaign decisions with maximum positive impact. Here is where our advanced technical and data analytics skills show strongest.

Performance Audit & Fraud Detection

Unfortunately, along with any successful and growing online presence comes the increasing risk of exposure to fraud. Fraud detection and overall performance auditing must always be kept as a top priority. In addition to our client work, we are an online merchant ourselves. Selling a wide variety of products online for the last 9 years, we have generated millions of leads and hundreds of thousands of units sold, using hundreds of affiliates, across 39 countries. In managing this, we are very experienced in detecting and resolving affiliate fraud, traffic fraud, and online payment fraud. It is critical to check and recheck that the traffic and leads that are delivered to our clients are high quality real visitors (and that this high quality maintains each day over time without significant statistical variances).

Merchant Services Introductions/Risk Management

Managing Risk is critical to maintaining good merchant processing relationships. And not only that, but it can be a major profit center for your business. Minimizing risk and losses as a result of fraud can mean the difference between a successful advertising campaign, and one that is costing your business not only money, but your reputation.

While our primary business is as a data analysis and advertising services company, we maintain strong relationships with a variety of PSPs (Payment Service Providers).

They trust our data and statistical analysis, and for a growing client looking for more processing, we will make the proper introductions.

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